Trenching has been proven to be superior to other earthmoving techniques particularly in the following examples:

1. When using a trencher the result is an even trench floor and sides. This is superior to the use of an excavator, as an excavator will
produce an uneven trench floor and sides as they dig down.

2. Chain trenchers are more time efficient than an excavator as an excavator stops trenching periodically to lift up its bucket in
order to dump soil. In comparison, the chain trencher just keeps cutting.

3. The soil from excavators is removed in clumps - even more in black soil. The trenchers grind soil into a fine state, which
makes good backfill. The soil can be placed on either side of the trench, whichever you require.

Sawable Rock is not normally a problem with our 760HD & 960HD Trencor Trenchers. We have a 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 720mm,
800mm, 900mm, and 1.1m wide rock chain. Our fleet of direct drive trenchers will outperform hydrostatic trenchers and can trench a
variety of depths.


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